Some other Pilates links

Free Pilates Workout Online - This Site

URL/Title: Easy Vigor Pilates Workouts
Description: Bruce has a great site that covers Pilates as well as cross country skiing and other interesting articles.

URL/Title: Love To Know Top 10 Pilates Web Sites.
Description: A good site where real live humans actual review web sites for you.

URL/Title: - Free Pilates Exercise Instructions.
Description: Lots of links and Pilates information on this site.

URL/Title: - #1 Resource for Everything Pilates!
Description: Lots of Pilates information about training, equipment, certification and more.

URL/Title: A Guys Handbook
Description: A good site with lots of information for guys.

URL/Title: Bike Free or Die
Description: Information on Free Bike Exchange in Portsmouth NH and around the world.

URL/Title: Slehm - Slimming down
Description: Some good weight loss advice here.

URL/Title: Pilates For Golf
Description: A site using Pilates to improve your golf game.